The Argolytics Guarantee

At Argolytics we believe that if you can see the data, you can fix the problem. Not only that, by visualizing your process information, you can make decisions now that pre-empt tomorrow’s emergencies.

We stand by the assertion that by tracking your chosen Key Process Indicators (KPIs) with Trendable, they will improve over time. Try Trendable today and start improving now.

Start Improving Now

Chose a KPI and use Trendable to monitor how it changes over time.

  • Trendable automatically generates control charts so that you are alerted to unusual variation in your process.
  • Capability reports help you visualize your KPI in terms of the process’s tolerances.
  • And the Key Trends report captures the big picture to help spot patterns and trends.

If your chosen KPI does not improve over the first 6 months of monitoring with Trendable, we will give you your money back. No questions asked. That’s our promise to you.

Tamela Serensits
Argolytics, LLC