🔮  Forget “Big Data”, let’s talk about Small Data

Machines, product, suppliers, operators, the plant itself!  There are so many sources of data in a manufacturing operation.  But let’s talk about possibly the MOST important data source… your customer. 👽

Your customer is the reason you are in business – so why not listen to them? Not just the one-off, anecdotal “case study”. I’m talking about the numbers telling you the hard truth. 😯

Monitor warranty information like returns and repairs. Do periodic surveys. Put in place data collection points with your front-line employees like customer service and field reps.

I’m passionate about data collection and analysis. You should be too. Your business depends on it! 🚀


👷️ How it’s made

🛠 Cool Tool

🎢 Tangent

The Map of Mathematics (prime numbers in orange)

prime numbers

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