🔮 I think I need AI! What is AI?

Manufacturers report error rates as high as 30% doing manual inspection tasks.  Human beings have insightful, creative brains that are easily bored by mundane, repeatable tasks.  Let’s program the computers to do it!   

This recent article in Quality Magazine addresses the hesitation manufacturers might have in adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence for automating routine inspection tasks:

Truth: “Manufacturers of all sizes struggle with the cost of poor product quality.”  

**Pro Tip: TRENDABLE for Data Collection is an excellent tool for organizations taking the first step toward automation.

manual inspection

👷️ How it’s made

  • End-to-end plastic injection molding.  From design for manufacturing, production, quality inspection, to shipping, and everything in between.

🛠 Cool Tool

  • A microcontroller search tool. You say something like, “I want USB, 2 USARTs, and 12 ADC inputs” and it tells you not only which microcontrollers meet those criteria, but also their pin configurations.

🎢  Tangent


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