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Heart Stent Manufacturing

This example dataset is stable & capable.

Heart Stent Length - Histogram

Heart Stent Length – Histogram

Transducer Frequency

This example is stable, but not capable.

Transducer Frequency - Histogram

Transducer Frequency – Histogram

Cereal Box Filling Weight

This dataset is an example with a large subgroup size (50).

Cereal Box Mass - Histogram

Cereal Box Mass – Histogram

Freezer Temperature

This is an example of a skewed distribution.

Meat Freezer Temp - Histogram

Meat Freezer Temp – Histogram

Battery Capacity

This dataset has a small sample size (10).

Battery Capacity - Histogram

Battery Capacity – Histogram

Detergent pH

This is process is Stable but not Capable.

Detergent pH - Histogram

Detergent pH – Histogram

Pipe Diameter

The subgroup size of this dataset is ten (10).

Pipe Diameter - Histogram

Pipe Diameter – Histogram

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