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Directly input measurements taken “by hand” for line operators and

aggregate SPC capability reports for managers,

TRENDABLE is the only quality control solution for small manufacturers.

TRENDABLE for Data Analysis

Achieve your quality goals
TRENDABLE generates professional, stream-lined graphics to showcase your commitment to manufacturing quality “in spec” product.

Trust your processes
Most engineers are not statisticians. TRENDABLE removes the guesswork by leveraging industry-standard best practices for accurate, straightforward results.

Empower operators
TRENDABLE is accessible on any device from anywhere on your shop floor. Give your operators visibility and allow them to contribute to product quality.

Start Improving Today

Growing your quality program
doesn’t mean you have to change everything.

“I’m so busy, it’s hard to stay on top of quality too.”

What if instead of spending hours a day on quality, you could start your day addressing only the most critical issues?

“I don’t have an unlimited budget,
and we’ve done OK so far.”

What if instead of expensive QMS software, your team could improve quality at only a fraction of the cost?

“We plan to get certified, we just don’t have the time.”

What if certification wasn’t such an all-consuming effort? And what if it was easy to train and motivate your team?

“Our biggest customer wants weekly Quality Control reports.”

What if collecting and reporting QC data could be seamlessly integrated into your current processes?

TRENDABLE is a complete quality control tool that helps you improve your product quality, out-shine your competitors, and empower your entire production team.

You can now track product quality, uncover sources of non-conformance, certify with confidence, and encourage all team members to think “quality” – all with one simple but powerful tool.

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While other manufacturers struggle to implement, improve, and evolve their quality control program, your team will achieve Quality success with one simple solution

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Select your tolerances in TRENDABLE

TRENDABLE stores your product tolerances so you don’t waste time re-entering information. Just click and go!

TRENDABLE for Data Analysis


Collect your data with TRENDABLE

Wherever you take a measurement, TRENDABLE is there to collect it. Observations are plotted in real-time so you can take action before a bad part is made.

TRENDABLE for Data Collection


Perfect your product with TRENDABLE

TRENDABLE’s automatic capability reports alert you to out-of-spec parts so you can improve your processes today.

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TRENDABLE is proud to help today’s manufacturers

perfect their product.

100% veteran-owned, woman-owned, small business.


If your chosen KPI does not improve over the first 6 months of monitoring with TRENDABLE, we will give you your money back.

No questions asked. That’s our promise to you.

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“15% of a manufacturer’s revenue is spent addressing issues of poor quality”

~American Society for Quality

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