The TRENDABLE Partner Program

TRENDABLE is modern software for today’s manufacturer. The cloud makes it easier and more affordable than ever to spin up a quality program for even the smallest facilities. Skip the headache of enterprise integrations and start providing value today!

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Features and Benefits

The first 2000 observations every month are FREE

No IT or Purchasing Manager hoops means you can start collecting production data immediately and get a “quick win”.

Unlimited Users

TRENDABLE makes it easy to add and remove users so new employees can start contributing on DAY 1.

Cloud Application

There is no extra equipment to buy. Access TRENDABLE from any computer or mobile device to start collecting and analyzing data.

Remote Access

Get your most powerful insights to multiple clients without having to waste time travelling between remote plant locations.

Friendly Format

Skip the data wrangling step and get right to meaningful analysis. TRENDABLE input and output is in column-wise csv format making it compatible with most statistical applications.

Gold Standard

TRENDABLE was created by a team of former Minitab employees who understand the value of precise statistical analysis so you can be confident in your results.

TRENDABLE is ready to support you and your clients today. For more information on how we can work together, contact us.

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