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About Argolytics, LLC

As a sales representative for Minitab statistical software company, Tamela Serensits heard the same complaints over and over again from manufacturing quality managers – finance and operations get mega budgets while the quality team is often left piecing together reports from generic spreadsheets and hand-written data. Budget-friendly, easy-to-use quality software solutions were nearly non-existent.

Recognizing the hole in the market, Tamela founded Argolytics, LLC in 2018. Argolytics’ first product, TRENDABLE™, is the first of its kind online quality control software. TRENDABLE’s affordability, web-based design, and accurate results make it an ideal software solution especially for small manufacturers looking to improve product consistency and quality control reporting.

Manufacturers can choose from a number of quality control tools. Argolytics’ strategy is to deliver the clearest, most straightforward results in an affordable, easy-to-use software platform. Argolytics’ customers can feel confident they are getting accurate, polished quality reports for the best value.

We believe that even the smallest shop has a right to accurate, affordable quality control. Zero defects is possible!


Confidently create powerful, accurate SPC and Cpk reports – all online with nothing to install.

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