With TRENDABLE you are three steps away from improved quality.

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Step One

Login and Select Your Data

Wherever you store your measurement data, TRENDABLE can access it. Simply browse to the file or drag & drop.

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Step Two

Associate Tolerances

TRENDABLE stores your specifications limits. Select the appropriate limits and TRENDABLE does the rest.

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Step Three

Automatic Reports

That’s it! Get your critical quality metrics in three simple steps. You don’t have to be an expert to create professional, accurate SPC reports.

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Historical Reports

No other software helps you keep track of your manufacturing process over the long term like TRENDABLE. Statistics on every report is captured and displayed in an easy to understand trend report. Seasonality, humidity and temperature swings, and other unknown factors may be influencing your product quality. Trust TRENDABLE to bring production variables into focus.

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