TRENDABLE for Data Collection and TRENDABLE for Data Analysis together are the complete quality control solution for your manufacturing operation.

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Lesson 1: Collect Your Data
Lesson 2: Account Management

Data Collection Includes

TRENDABLE for Data Collection includes:

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Storage & Export

FREE Template Setup

FREE Support

  • An online interface for line operators to enter measurement and visual inspection data

  • With control charts updated in real-time

  • And capture CAPA reason and action for out-of-control or out-of-spec parts

For Data Collection

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* Enter up to 20 observations FREE without a credit card.  Purchase a subscription and you will only be charged if the number of observations for your organization exceeds 2000 in one month.
Lesson 1: Select Your Data
Lesson 2: Select Your Tolerances
Lesson 3: Your Capability Report
Lesson 4: Tracking Key Trends

Data Analysis Includes

TRENDABLE for Data Analysis includes:

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Reports & Export

FREE Template Setup

FREE Support

  • An online quality control reporting software

  • With control charts, capability histograms, and capability statistics like Cpk and Ppk

  • And monitor long-term trends for quality improvement opportunities

For Data Analysis

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