What’s the latest

Marketing & Advertising – Getting the word out.

  • Trendable launch press release posted in several magazines (Quality Digest, Fabricating&Metalworking, Quality Magazine)
  • Banner ad on ASQ.org. Spotlighted in next issue of Quality Progress magazine
  • On Capterra – software comparison website (post a review!)

Research & Development – Improving!

  • Awarded Pennsylvania Manufacturing Innovation grant to work on advanced control charting techniques with the PSU IE department
  • Investigating how manufacturers can “go digital” with paper data collection
  • Funded by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, launching Trendable 2.0!
    • Trendable’s new data collection module allows line operators to enter measurements or visual inspection characteristics directly via conventional computer or, because it is a web app, directly on an iPad or smart phone. Manufacturers can start collecting data without a lot of up-front cost buying computer equipment for everyone, plus Trendable allows for unlimited users getting real-time feedback and the first 2000 observations every month are free. We believe this will help small manufacturers compete in the new world of “big data” and Industry 4.0.

What’s next

  • Starting immediately, we are seeking volunteers to beta test TRENDABLE’s new data collection module this month. If you have the time and interest:
  • If “beta testing” is not for you, sign up for the early release instead. The early release will be available in May 2020.

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