🔮  What’s holding you back… from analyzing data?

What is holding us back from more fully embracing analytics? 🤗 

A recent article by HBR explored the topic.

💭 I couldn’t help but think – could the lessons in this article apply to manufacturing too?

The article’s “primary sticking points” are culture, organization, people, processes & systems, and data. Focusing on the last three from a small manufacturer’s perspective: 

👯‍♀️ People. Small manufacturing companies may not have employees with the necessary technical skills to use and analyze data effectively. Without a strong understanding of analytics, employees may not trust the data or know how to use it to make informed decisions. 
 ⚙ Processes & systems. Small manufacturers may have outdated or inefficient systems in place that make it difficult to collect, analyze, and act on data. Additionally, they may not have the necessary infrastructure or tools to effectively implement analytics, which can slow down the process and hinder adoption. 
📊 Data. Small manufacturing companies may not have access to the necessary data or the data may be incomplete or inaccurate. Without reliable data, analytics efforts may be less effective or even counterproductive. 
All of these factors can make it difficult for small manufacturing companies to adopt advanced analytics. However, with the right strategy and support, it is possible for you to overcome these challenges and embrace data-driven decision making. 🦾
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👷️ How it’s made

bowling ball manufacture

🛠 Cool Tool

Google Dataset Search

📚 Historical Society

  • In 1945, the US Navy spent $1 million to retrofit a barge into a portable ice cream factory and parlor. 🍦 It was capable of storing 2,000 gallons of ice cream and could produce around 10 gallons every 7 minutes.
US Navy portable ice cream factory

🎢  Tangent

traffic simulator

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