🔮 What happens when… you go “out of control”?

So you’ve done all the steps of DMAIC and completed a killer Six Sigma project. The new process is implemented – yield has increased, defects have decreased, and the team is onboard. Now what? 🤷‍♀️

“the Control Chart: a simple and effective tool to monitor process performance over time”

The “C” in DMAIC stands for Control. Monitor the new process and make sure it stays within the limits of normal variation. But what does your team do when, on occasion, the process exceeds the control limits? You need a plan! 💪

This article on iSixSigma.com summarizes what you need to consider when implementing an Out of Control Action Plan or OCAP.

“The best response to this is to prepare in advance so that if something happens, you don’t end up scrambling and hoping for the best.”

We’ve implemented a new feature in TRENDABLE for Data Collection that allows you too hook up any OCAP reporting tool you currently use so that it is right there when operators see a measurement go out of control. Check out these two examples: here and here.

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