🏳️  A kill chain approach

Mountains of scrap? Processes imploding? Wasting time on nonsense? Maybe it’s time we get serious about understanding what’s going on in production. 🤷 


In this article, Joseph Paris borrows a common strategy concept from the military. He introduces the concept of “kill chains” and applies it in a business context.

🪖 “a kill chain refers to a series of stages or steps that an attacker follows to successfully carry out the attack”

These chains are used to model, visualize, and simulate business process cycles for opportunities for improvement and systems optimization. Understanding what resources contribute to each of the functions of the kill chain allows for mission-based analysis of those resources.

🔫 “In order to identify areas of inefficiency or where the mission is working, a detailed understanding of each function’s responsibilities and metrics is necessary.”

Consider what tools are available to start capturing and analyzing this mission-critical data. If you can map it and measure it, you’ve got a shot at understanding it. 💪

👷️ How it’s made

ice cream

🛠 Cool Tool

lending library

📚 Historical Society

  • Deep dive into the old NES… Gamers rejoice!

🎢  Tangent

Spinning the initial gear at the speed shown in the video, the final gear will take 1087 years to complete a rotation.


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