🔮 “many see but few observe”

A fairly recent Quality Digest post from a giant in the industry, Will Levinson. He takes examples from history – medieval brick laying, musket loading, and farm labor – to prove the point regarding standard work.

Unless all sources of waste are detected and crushed, success will always be just a dream.” 🎈 ~Taiichi Ohno

When it comes to being able to “see“, why not inspection measurements too?  TRENDABLE for Data Collection is a tool used by operators that shows, in real time, exactly how each quality measurement compares to the ones before. 


Trends become apparent. Action is taken. Defects are avoided. 
 Less scrap. ✔
 Less waste. ✔
Just give them the ability to see! 🧐

👷️ How it’s made

pie production

🛠 Cool Tool

  • Data too big for Excel or Sheets? Try Gigasheet

📚 Historical Society

cast iron

🎢  Tangent

(TLDR; it’s adding the next statistically probable word!)

Wolfram ChatGPT

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