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“…it’s like biting the bullet and winging it and seeing what happens.” 😬

A recent article in MiBiz, a Michigan business magazine, highlights the hesitancy of small and medium-size manufacturers to go down the road of Industry 4.0:

Without a single programmer on staff, Nu-Wool “ripped the band-aid off”.  They invested in a robot to help with their bagging operation.  With the help of a systems integrator partner their ROI was less than 2 years. 🤯

“Trust me, other manufacturers in other parts of the world will adopt these technologies and become more efficient and by that they’ll be more competitive globally and will win more business. You can’t continue to just work on low margins and think you can bid projects and win them.”

We believe small manufacturers can leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to great effect.  With the right partners, you can make this new wave of manufacturing work for you.  If you haven’t yet, reach out to your state’s NIST MEP program.  It’s a great first step. 🚀 

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