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We need new methods for monitoring and being proactive in today’s production environment.  But how can manufacturers make the leap from paper data collection to full blown Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)?  This recent article in Plant Engineering details the end-game. 

There are some good points here. Namely, what’s the ROI for gathering all this data? And, the need to attract a digitally native, app-savvy workforce.  But I’m not sold yet on the need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications when the majority of small manufacturers are just at the start of their data collection journey… and AI needs DATA… lots of it! 🗻

As the article suggests: “Think big, start small, fail fast”. To prove the value of what collecting and analyzing data can do, why not start with the simple solution – TRENDABLE? 🧐

Trendable is an app that operators on the floor can pull up on their phone, enter measurements or note a Pass/Fail.  The data is digital, so then managers can build visualizations and make important decisions based on data.  📈

This is just the starting point. A business case for AI and IoT tools can be made… but only after taking this first step toward digitizing your data!

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