?  The Toyota Way, Second Edition (due out October, 2020) 

How can the data-driven tenets of Industry 4.0 mesh with TPS’s people-focused philosophy?

The upcoming revised edition of Lean’s most definitive guide includes new Principle 8: Adopt and Adapt Technology that Supports your People and Processes.

One anecdote struck close to home for us at Argolytics:

“We are used to the idea of operators filling out a control chart with upper and lower control limits and taking action before the process is out of control. This system continuously develops a control chart in real-time. When observing we noticed a few minutes early that the process was headed out of control and the operator made an adjustment quickly fixing the problem.”


?️ How it’s made

  • Steel nail production – The nail making machine in the second half of the video produces up to 60,000 pcs. per hour ?


? Cool Tool


?  Tangent


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