🔮  “Gut feelings” and how manufacturers make decisions

More than 1/3 of manufacturers say “lack of data” is their biggest frustration.

I see two possible sources of this frustration:

  1. The data is collected but squirreled away in an intractable ERP system that requires 3 full-time IT to maintain and 5 consultants to extract any information from. 🙃


  1. Information is not being collected at all.

In the second case, it isn’t because there aren’t the tools, it’s because there isn’t the will. It’s the leaders in an organization that decide what’s important. Some want to bury their head in the sand. They don’t WANT to know. 🙈🙉🙊

But, if making data-based decisions is important to you, find a way to collect the data. Start small. Get the team involved. Share the wins. Grow and improve. It starts with you! 💪


👷️ How it’s made

  • Lumber Mill – Tour of a lumber mill… with the controls guy!

🛠 Cool Tool

  • Chrome browser extension for quick access to McMaster-Carr’s catalog.  (Some of the joy of McMaster-Carr is just flipping to a random page and exploring.  Click the “Random” button in the extension and see what pops up! 😉)

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Deckel FP1

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