🔮 Big Data in Manufacturing

There are lots of opportunities for “big data” in manufacturing including, predictive maintenance, supply chain management, and quality assurance. Internet-of-Things IoT devices like sensors and monitors transfer big data in real-time.  Then manufacturers apply artificial intelligence – AI – to analyze the big data. 👩‍💻  A recent article in The Data Administration Newsletter (@TDAN) summarizes the benefits of getting a handle on this brave new world.  

On the other hand, IoT, AI, and Big Data can’t do everything!  It can’t predict the future. It is not creative. It does not distinguish when it is being fed bad data.  👀

“Garbage in, garbage out!”  🧺

TLDR; machines still lack creativity and they don’t understand the meaning of data they’re working with.”  🧟‍♂️

At Argolytics, we are dedicated to supporting small manufacturers on their path toward Industry 4.0 technologies like Big Data, IoT, and AI.  But you have to start somewhere.  That’s why we developed simple apps that help you gather, digitize, and analyze your data.  Check out our YouTube page to learn more! 👨‍🏫

👷️ How it’s made

  • GeoFoam!  The most surprising yet underappreciated construction material.

🛠 Cool Tool

  • The simplest way to schedule a reminder. Unclutter all those Post-its on your desk. Don’t worry about remembering to ping the group for responses to your email.  FollowUpThen will automatically send you a reminder to… follow-up!  Try it free. Your future self will be grateful.

🎢  Tangent

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