🔮 You’ve got two options…

Change is hard. Especially when you take pride in your work.  After 20+ years of doing things one way, no one wants to be told to do something new. This recent blog post by John Watt makes this point regarding data collection in manufacturing.

“Engagement drives productivity”  💥

When team members can SEE 👀 the pattern of their parts over time, they take greater ownership of the process. The game becomes “how can we make this more perfect”.  Competition – against a goal, between shifts, or with yourself – is human nature. 🌿

Leverage your team’s inherent power by making data visible on the shop floor.  Go with option #2. 😉

👷️ How it’s made

  • Very meta… The “How it’s Made” playlist on Youtube.
The "How it's Made" playlist

🛠 Cool Tool

Optimal packing cheat sheet

📚 Historical Society

  • 🌍 Where was your house 240 million years ago?
Earth’s tectonic past

🎢  Tangent

#3DPrinting with glass

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