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It is the mantra of business today. But what about precision and accuracy?  And isn’t there something to be said for “attention to detail” and “proceeding with caution”?  ⚠

I recently attended the American Society for Quality’s Quality Measurement Division fall conference in Akron, Ohio.  Their focus is the careful art of precision measurement. Taking into account all sources of variation, even before a single measurement is made. 🧐

This article in Modern Machine Shop does a nice job of summarizing what you need to consider to implement an accurate measurement program in the shop:

The 4 parts of the measurement process: 
1. The Number 
2. The Unit 
3. The Uncertainty 
4. The Traceability

Trendable™ for Data Collection allows operators to capture gage information at “point-of-use inspection”. As mentioned in the article, “the time and date of the measurement, the operator, and specifics about the instrument making the measurement” will all soon become required to maintain certain standards of excellence. 😱  

Here’s a quick video of how Trendable makes gage data collection easy 😁

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