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What is your biggest frustration with gathering data? Is it all the data entry errors? Is the handwriting too sloppy? Are there lots of fields left blank? What about the complaining and cajoling to even capture the data? 😩

All of these examples and more contribute to poor data quality.  Poor data quality is the biggest hurdle to doing meaningful analysis.  How can you present results when you aren’t confident the underlying data is any good?! 🙃

This recent article by Vanessa Lam in The Data Administration Newsletter calls out several factors key to improving data quality, including mistake-proofing the data collection process:

Good data quality is essential to know that insights drawn from the data can be trusted.

Stakeholders in the process include the people who input the data, people who analyze the data, and people who make decisions based on the data. All levels of the organization are affected by an organization’s data culture. 😎

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